Basic Campaignators

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The Basic Campaignators Pack includes:
10,000 Unique Follower
15,000 Unique Likes
2,000 Unique Comments

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You want to start a career as an influencer?
You want to expand the range of your brand or company?
You just want more follower and likes?

The Basic Campaignators Pack is the right way to get started!
We make sure that your page gets the boost you need to generate a wide range. It is important to tighten your fanbase/follower because the more follower your profile/page has, the more people are going to be interested.

The easiest way to get more follower, more likes and a general activity on your page!
All you need is having a social media profile with pictures or postings. We are doing the rest!
We generate follower, likes and comments so the page seems to have a big interactivity.

If you want a continuous activity on your page and think that the Basic Pack is not enough, you should take a look at our Professional Campaignators Pack.

Our packages are applicable for every social network and the number of follower, likes and comments can be adapted to your personal idea of an successful social media page/profile.
Get in touch with us and we create an individual social media marketing strategy based on your personal wishes.



3 Bewertungen für Basic Campaignators

  1. M. Neuer

    This is the Best Basic Pack I have ever seen in my whole life!

  2. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Big T

    10/10 would put all my money into if i had some

  3. Bewertet mit 5 von 5

    Donald J. Trump

    This is the best deal in the last years, maybe even of all time

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