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Campaignators is a Social Media Marketing agency which promotes companies, influencer, organisations or just normal people to become a local or even global player in every social network. Our task is to push the sides of our clients and generate a steady rise of comments and likes.

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Most people underestimate the importance of likes and comments for the reach of a certain profile or side.

Becoming a global player in a specific business or scene does not happen overnight. To generate new fans, follower and likes you need a certain foundation. Campaignators helps you to build this foundation, so the real audience pays attention to your profile.


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A certain activity on your page will motivate other people to participate and interact with your page or profile.

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Facebook is the perfect way to reach potential users and to advertise your products or brand.


With instagram you can give your audience a slight inside in your daily business, so you appear more personal.


Twitter is an easy and effective way to share updates about your daily business, products and brands.


With detailed videos about your product or the work in your company, you can give your follower a better view at your business.